Sunday, January 11, 2009

jan 9 2009

we wake upsounds quietno loud military flyovers in our small town at home but at the hospital ?Barzilai Medical Center operates under emergency standard.All clinic activities are abolished until future noticeexcept for Dialysis therapy,Chemotherapyand IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)Patients are asked not to approach the medical center at this stage. sad really --no other way to say it.we do good,great work --and here we are shut down
and forcing the nearby hospitals to be overloaded
ceasefire called to let in humanitarian aid
but gymnasium in ashkelon hit during the cease
we dont fire -- they do
some ceasefire
guess hamas didnt read the 'takes 2 to tango' handbook

today getting ready for shabbat
no work today
went to lawyer's office near the water in ashdod
coastal port city under attack
we are signing to buy our first house in israel
in lawyer office siren sounds
so, we sign in a bomb shelter
signatures still good, i hope

on the way home
we hear a siren on the highway
lines of cars pulling over
we pull over
everyone gets out of cars
lay on the ground
here a "boom"
seems far away
now it is getting surreal
we get in car
drive off as if nothing happened

it is all sick
when will they stop sending these random rockets into civilian city populations
guess you cant answer that

shabbat shalomstay safe

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