Sunday, January 11, 2009

jan 7, 2009

this morning seems fewer rockets aimed at ashkelon

many are hoping for a temporary cease fire to let essentials in to civilians without accesshospitals have been busy

dealing with many in shock, and suffering traumatic stress

3 soldiers that died when a friendly fire incident occurred, left a fourth fighting for his life

he has now been confirmed dead

another dead young man, a boy really

19 years old

[shouldnt he be playing ball between classes in college]


that would be if all the schools werent closed

my wife has no classes

but she wouldnt be able to go anyway

she has to watch the kids

now in their 4th day without school

military fears the teacher wont be able to get them into bomb shelters fast enough

my son, 10,

worried my mother, back in the US

he tells her we are winning

and THEY are getting blown up

and soon we wont have to worry about rockets threatening us

hard to know what to tell the kids

and what to hide

age appropriate, sure

but we didnt learn in school

what age fits what -- in war

but again

he is 10

and any violence he sees --

well, shouldnt that be kept to boxing on a video game

and my six year old girl

well, she is happy to not have school

she says that the bad guys are making it so she can go to the parks as much

she doesnt get it,


probably better that way

gotta sleep -- too many hours either up waiting for injured, or watching more news

dr g

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