Sunday, January 18, 2009

jan 15 2009

everytime the world demands cease fire
from israel
israel stops to think about it
and more rockets come this way
30 yesterday

i woke up,
in my 'quiet' neighborhood,
and just after getting the kids to school --
we get the sound of a siren;
an odd siren sound

seems more like a british police car
but loud
and getting LOUDER
must be --
tzeva ADOM !

my wife and i go into our home, bomb shelter room
it is quite secure
but it makes me feel like...
like we are in jail

2 minutes pass
we heard no 'boom'
come out of our new cell
turn on the news
nothing fell in the neighborhood

my daughter calls my wife
panicked that she was in the shelter at school
no one hurt
but not a way to live
and learn in school

and my wife calls the baby's school
the teachers, they are freakin' out
having to run TWENTY 3-year-olds
in to a bomb shelter

the kids are fine
too young to understand the game:
bell rings,
we run,
when you're 3.

talking to a friend in rehovot later in the day
they even went in to bomb shelters for the first time today
and so did folks in jerusalem yesterday
must have been a test siren
nothing falling there but the residents there
NOW we understand the ABSOLUTE FEAR
that the sound,
and the need to run to a shelter,
puts in to a person --
it was said that the jerusalem residents,
felt like sderot residents...
if but for a moment in time.

just found out
that a car was hit in beer sheva
at least one kid
severely injured

yep, i said it
the biblical city
maybe this is the brimstone and fire
like the days of yore,
all over again...

G-d forbid
has v'halila
has v'shalom

stay safe
and shabbat shalom

dr g

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