Wednesday, January 14, 2009

jan 12 2009

day17 - War in gaza

417 those evacuated to Barzilai Medical Center
204 acute stress reaction
suffering injuries among them 101 soldiers

rockets still fall
hospital nearly empty
my work is random and scarce
i spend more time running to bomb shelters
than treating patients

yesterday i was sent home from work
a place that usually needs doctors due to short staffing
is now short on patients

today is monday
on sunday
i returned home at 11am
minutes later i run to bomb shelter with my wife and kids
well, 2 of them
the other 2 have school
sort of
they are on field trips
to keep busy
and away from rocket range

we find out that rocket fell next town over
building damage
no one hurt, Baruch Hashem

our town still quiet
if you call
watching the innocent and confused expression
on the face of your 6 year old

the world asks for quiet
we ask for quiet
but not if it will all happen again next year
we all pray for this action to end future actions
and start true normalcy for daily life

i gotta get back to work
patients have nonemergent problems too

dr g

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